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The Plunge (A Chronic Sewing Procrastinator)

Chronic Sewing Procrastination

Do you suffer from chronic sewing procrastination? I do and I’m developing my own treatment. My daughter recently asked me why I like sewing so much. I thought about it and realized that I’ve not been living up to my words. I didn’t see the volume of completed projects, someone who claims to love sewing would have in their possession. It’s obvious live is busy for all of us, yet we find time to do mediocre task to make the time pass by.

I glance around my room; you can find dozens of magazines and fabric. Yet the completed stack is small. This is in no way meant to make anyone feel beaten down, it my view of the current predicament I find myself in.

I’ve made a vow for the rest of 2013 and as hard as it seems till June 2014, to abstain from Pattern Magazine purchase. A substantial collection of Burda Magazine lives in my house 2008-2013.

To start the ball rolling, my calendar is already set with sewing and blogging reminders. I’ll ease myself back in with the “What’s on My Sewing Table Series. Updates for project will be posted on Friday and New projects announced on Tuesdays.

Delicatelily Blog Series (Currently on the blog)
What’s on My Sewing Table
Sew Contiguous Projects

Keep me accountable, taking this plunge is a big undertaking. I appreciate all your comments and they will be great inspiration for me.

Happy Sewing!!!


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