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Power Puff Girl Z Sewing Project

Where to Start? 

Well I have been sewing :), just not finding time to post. 
Anyhow today I started this costume for Izzy 🙂 

Lets just say she has an obsession with Power Puff Girls, and was slightly growing out of it 🙂
Till somehow she found out about the Z version on Youtube!

dress is pretty much complete; all that is needed to complete it is binding
armhole. The thing I dislike most and would do differently is not go for
costume fabric. It’s just so darn shiny and there is no way she’ll be wearing
it a second time. All I can say is, I need to tame that little chick when we go
fabric shopping next. She wasted no time heading to the sparkly and shiny

However I’m excited for the end product. I begin working on the jacket tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes (yucky costume fabric 🙁 ) Izzy is pumped about modeling this for the blog, more photos to come after 10/31

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