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Bad Knee & Festival Turkey Trot

Running Love

I’m signed up for the annual Festival Turkey Trot. I”m excited to get back on a daily running schedule. My knew took a nose dive about 10 days ago, so I’m stuck running 3-4 miles for another two weeks.
The Turkey Trot is Thanksgiving morning and it’s super fun. Not sure if Izzy wants to run with her mama after the 3 mile color run and this is a 5 mile run at 8am. We’ll see how that turns out.

Sewing Love

I’m hoping since it colder now and the kids are out of any major sports, that I can really get back into blogging. Honestly I wish I could quit my job to sew, blog and design. That is nowhere in the near future, so I’ll just have to pencil the time in and burn the midnight oil

I so look forward to hanging out here soon.

Happy Sewing to you all!


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