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Summer has come and now School Re-Opens

Since my Last Post
Tring to train, running is a big passion of mine. Yet this year my motivations was dragging butt. Three months of tring to pull myself together and run 45-60 miles a week has been hard. So far I’ve only managed to average 30 miles per week. I’m hoping to increase that number during fall, maintain the 30 miles till next spring and begin weight training aswell.

How many of you had kids in T-Ball this summer? I had two, it was fun and frustration at the same time. I’m always bored before I get to the game. Once I’m there, my transformation begins and bam the competitive mom arrives. Between training and T-ball, blogging was not the top of my priority.
But I’m back, I can’t confirm any specific number of post but it will be less than a three month wait to see new content hit my blog. I have to confess, that I’ve been working on some fun DIY projects for the home. If some of you sewist are weekend worries in the interior design,you know what I’m talking about. Pottery Barn Kids is where I’ve been spending most of my days. I have cool post coming soon, but I’m still in the painting process.

Summer Sewing
Although the number of projects completed can be counted on my 10 digits. I did get a few nights in my sewing loft :). With Labor Day around the corner, I’ll post my summer projects over the weekend.

Schools In
Wow! I can’t believe all my kids are in school this year. I have a 3rd and 2nd grader, and my youngest is in 4 year old kindergarten this year.

McCalls M6650
Burda 5/2013 105A
Burda 3/2013 110

More to come from my sewing loft. Thanks for reading and have a great Labor Day Weekend.


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