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Wrapping up January

January 2013

What did you accomplish?

This has been a rough month for the family from 01.11.2013 -01.22.2013, my kids and husband were all hit with the bug. Nasty flu/cold season this year. With that said it was a major accomplishment getting all three dresses complete for the contest. It’s amazing what being responsible for you actions can do, also with a deep desire to get it done.

After I placed that badge on my blog I felt compel to submitted a few projects. Although in my house was chaos, I found ways to get them done, mainly no sleep for the last 5 days 🙂

Can you stick to this schedule

 I can’t say for sure how many projects I’ll get done or post completed at this pace over the next 11 months, but I sure will try too. Training for my 2013 races will begin in Mid-Feb as the weather gets above 20 degrees here in Wisconsin. It really hasn’t been cold that long here, but when the temp drops it cuts to the bone. So it will be hard to stay inside and sew, especially with all the activities the kids have. But we do have small blessings in the longer days and I’m hoping that will give me enough time, energy and vigor to my business 🙂

Any Plans for Next Month

I sure do have plans for next month. I’ve entered another pattern review contest, RTW contest. If I had to win one contest from PR it would be this one because I’ve heard so many good things about Mood Fabric (Project Runway). I’m hoping to find a striking look to knock off, however I know their are many fantastic fashion sewers out there and I’ll vote them as well.

Just so you know, I’m well ahead of my 2012 posting 🙂 I’m up to ten when this gets posted but who’s keeping track.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing


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