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RTW _ Sewing Begins

The Inspiration

As you all know by now, I will be attempting to recreate a Ready To Wear look for Pattern Reviews RTW contest. The following are some from my pinterest boards.

First Up 

Black & White: – I love how these have clean and well tailored lines, yet it holds true to a strong feminine woman.  Victoria Beckham knows how to carry a dress, she’s one of my favorite for fashion inspiration and style.

Runner’s Up

I love the fun cut of this dress, and the surprise kick of sheer in the back is a plus. If I choose this, I’ll have to take all the magic I’ve been hiding in my sewing studio.

 Up Next

Lace & Mint/ Green with Silver:- This is an awesome outfit, I love the belt and shoes. They put this whole thing together, the lace makes for an eye catching look and the earrings adds a touch of glitz.


Two words, blouse and skirt 🙂 I heart the drape of this blouse and the foiled look of the skirt.

Last but not least

Peplum Parade:-  I’ve been waiting for the moment to try my hand at a peplum project. I would consider one of these for a possible RTW project. Personally, it’s always interesting to see how fun and sometimes sophisticated a peplum can be. One minute it’s a fun skirt, next it can be classic dress. 

 These are all great pieces and I have all the tools and fabric to make anyone of them. My greatest problem is choosing one that will capture the contest requirements, allow me to have a similar photo shoot and take my sewing skills up one notch. Although it’s hard to resist to call of making a black outfit, I’m hoping to go with brighter colors for this. Especially being trapped by snow, living in this tundra in the Midwest, I need color to give me sanity and spicy up my closet.

Sewing begins this weekend and I hope to have any update shortly thereafter.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!



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