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New Scarf ~ Feather feather print

Feather Feather Print Infinite Scarf

The Fabric

Last Friday I hit Hancock fabric on my lunch break and came back to work $60 dollars poorer! Yes I said it, $60 “bones or clams or whatever you call them”less. I’m finding myself loving Hancock, they have such a variety, or maybe I’m becoming a better shopper :). This is a huge plus, it saves me a trip to SR Harris in Minneapolis.

Okay so the fabric, is a light polyester blend, that drapes well. This is my third infinite scarf and I plan to make a few more for this spring season.

At first I wanted to make a light blouse, but decided the print was very distinctive and would work better as a scarf. I would wear this with a denim jacket, possible an earth tone basic slab tee and skinny black jeans. (Oh don’t forget the heels) If I wanted to use in a casual/dressier evening setting I would add to a lace blouse, something with texture and details.

 As you can see, it has a nice length and can be looped two or three times. I’m slowly learning to love scarf as they really can add depth to your outfit. This was super fast and easy to sew. Don’t forget, made with the right fabric, the back of your neck will love you. Need a tutorial? See below, I’ll try Vanessa’s technique next time.The ones I made, I just wing it!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!


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