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Taking October by the Horn!!!

Well I have not done “What’s on the Table (WOTST)” for a while and it sorta got derailed. I’m trying something new to keep me on track – A to-do-list genius!!! I’ll try this again and hope to stay on task :). As new contributor to the Sew-What’s-New.com Simplicity channel, I would like to complete one project dedicated solely to that website. You will find these projects listed under the Sew-What’s-New tab.

Additionally I have a new page 🙂 The Sew Contiguous Project, these will be fashion pieces that we see everywhere on everyone, especially Pinterest & Polyvore 🙂

To get things started – these are the current to projects on my table

Burda Jacket 127 09/2009 will make it’s way to the Sew Contiguous page. My inspiration for this jacket was the new Colette Pattern Anise. I really like the shape, it’s very simple yet timeless. It has an effortless appeal to it and I hope to recreate that. I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually buy the Anise. I have a habit of purchasing patterns to see how the instructions were written 🙂

  October’s Simplicity Pattern is Misses Top 2892



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