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Daisy – A Book Bag by Girls in the Garden Design

Have you ever listened to Sew Forth Now podcast?

I have for the last year and will continue too for a long time. Lori VanMaanen is the host of this fantastic podcast and has a great fashion sewing blog ~ Girls in the Garden. Lori loves making bags and has completed approximately 12 Amy Butler bags see more here.  We recently connected; I saw she just launched her first bag design sold in a brand spanking new esty shop

I in way profess to be a gem of seamstress but I taught I would contact her and let her know I would be interested in testing and reviewing any new design she may have.

No less than an hour after my email, did I receive a warm reply, which included the photos and instructions to this great bag.


Fabric: Shiny Black & White w/some gold thread (Approx 1yr x 14.99) 

Pattern: Girls in the Garden – Daisy Book Bag (Pattern Tester)
Notion: 3/4 inch snaps
Year: 2012
Time to complete: 3hrs

First worn: I finished the bag just in time for us to go visit my in-laws 🙂 My 7 year old daughter has put her name on this bag, now she’s the owner and I’m happy to make myself a new one. 

Wear again? It’s not mine anymore, but I’m sure Izzy will put her name on it everywhere she goes 🙂

Instructions: I found them easy to follow; I’m not accustomed to making handbags. I’ve completed  4 bags prior to this and always found their instructions slightly confusing. That being said, I believe my problem has to do with all the facing, lining, truing the fabric around, and placing pockets, snaps, handles and whatnot’s. Once I get the hang of it, I’m sure it will be easy to understand the lingo. Trust me it’s very clear.

I should seriously pay attention to the writings in the package. Especially those that say read all instructions the start of your projects.  I had a nagging feeling that I was missing something during my layout process. Guess what! I totally missed including the peltex in this project.  Nonetheless it came out great and now it will be even better the second time around.

I recently purchased the Girls in the Garden Rose bag pattern and will take a go at it soon.


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