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Preparing for Fall Sewing

Gathering My Thoughts

With Fall just around the corner, I’m working on finishing up the two projects on my table since June and the new one I started last week. I’ve been getting the feelings to do more seasonal sewing (Fall), and using the ever increasing pattern stash in my possession. It’s really crazy! I’m an addictive hoarder of patterns and fabric, at this rate I’ll have to build a room just for them.  I must admit I’m doing better, I’ve sewn more this year than the last two since I got my new sewing machine.

Labor Day Weekend

With the holiday approaching, I’ve decided to dedicate sometime for me. Locking myself away in my sewing studio (it sounds so profession and important to say that )  to creating a Storyboard, list the items I would like to make and browse my stash. This seems to be the most logical way to start the organization process. I’m so fed-up of failing in this department. I want major sewing success by 2013.

More Patterns I don’t Need (what I do need is stitchers rehab)
NewLook 6144 If I look hard enough I’ll find a pattern similar to this, but it has clean lines and I’m looking for that right now.
NewLook 6150 This looks like a really descent pattern, the shape is good visually. Maybe I’ll get it or not, pretty sure I have something similar in the stash.

 The 2012 Colors Are Out!!!
Actually they have been out for a while, but now is when I can report on it. Pantone is the place to go for your fashion color forecast. The colors that will set your wardrobe apart from the girl next door are:

Roast *Honey Gold *Pink Flambe *Tangerine Tango *Ultramarine Green *Bright
Chartreuse *Olympian Blue *Titanium *Rhapsody *Rose Smoke.

What a selection of colors to choose from, light on bright, bright on light, vibrant and lively. How right they are the editors of Pantone, these are truly bewitching colors. Dramatic yet not overpowering, the tones are still soothing even the most intense ones.

French Roast & Tangerine


[Images via google compiled by Renata]

I really like the tangerine color this season, it’s got sugar and spice and everything nice. With 2+ yards of this colored fabric, I don’t know if to go with a  dress or a skirt. What I got from Tracy via the downloadable Pantone color catalog was this ~ Yellows work great with heavy hardcore tough colors and the right shade of blues and green can make subtle the most intense color without reducing it’s power.

Give me a day or two and I’ll report on the awesome Bright Chartreuse and Pink Flambe. Wow these are eye catching colors.

What’s Pattern Testing, well that’s my next project or  my current project. It’s a bag design by a wonderful sewing blogger, not sure if I’m suppose to share now or after I’m finished 🙂 ~ More to come on that!! I just had to share it 🙂

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Sewing!


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