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Shirring – A pain on Jersey Fabric

Sewing for others

fun is life if we just did things for ourselves? More safe for sure :).
Well this is the second time I made anything for someone outside my
family. My friend (Kelly) wanted me to make a casual dress for her to wear to a beach wedding. She found this very casual dress at Maurices.
It’s really a nice little dress, she wanted to go for similar colors,
but I thought that it would get lost in a wedding on the beach. I also
thought that with the wedding being on the beach, that have the female
population would go for those colors.


start this of, let me just say that I have done this before but never
with jersey. As usual I wound the bobbin with the elastic thread and
popped it in the machine. Started stitching and nothing happened, no
sign of shirring. I played around with tension, stitch length and width.
It was very frustrating, almost threw in the towel, but I promised and
said I would do this. I’ve learned that the easiest of project has it’s

researched online for shirring knit/jersey fabric. The only results
that came up was a method of placing each piece of elastic on your
fabric and zigzagging over it. This actually turned out to be a very
effective method to shirring jersey, however you can’t do this if you
need something fast. It’s a process of marking all your lines out first
and then adding the elastic, my project had 19 lines about 5/8in between
each. Not to mention my stripes where approx. 54-58inch in length. I think in the end, after all the ups and downs the dress looks good.


This is the inspiration piece Kelly wanted me to create for her

And this my version, we did add the straps when she came over.


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