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New Fabric

Nothing gets me more pumped for sewing than when I receive new fabric. Wow!!! I have some new fabrics from Trinidad & Tobago and domestic (Joann’s).

Black Sheer Lace_Joanns

Green n Silver Jersey_Joanns

Purple Floral

Green Fabric 

Fabric- Yuffy's Trinidad_Bule Ruffle

Fabric- Joann's Red, White, & Black Floral 

The first two and last fabric are from Joann’s, I bought them late February. The other fabrics were gifts from my mom. I really love all my new fabric and can’t wait to create new master pieces.

I made a skirt out of the blue ruffle fabric and a dress out of the red floral. I’ll have two up coming post in May on those. I think you’ll love how these turned out. I can’t reveal it yet as I’m working with my local magazine on these.

Sewing has taken a backseat, because of my training for my 1/2 marathon. But I’ve started to get back into the groove.

Thanks for stopping by, I promise you’ll be impressed with the next few post.


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