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What’s on the Table (WOTST) 02/24/2012

On The Table as We Speak:-

OMG 🙂 I’ve been cleaning and organizing my sewing space for the past 2 hours. It looks fantastic and I can work now. I recently purchased Simplicity 1919 for the lovely skirt. It has a great flounce insert at the back.

Source: simplicity.com via Renata on Pinterest

What I learned this

Pressing your sewing projects is the bomb, without it your garment looks homemade instead of handcrafted. My most recent accomplishment Simplicity 2337 (Soon to be posted), is a major success. I’m so happy with it, can’t believe how good it looks.  I was in no hurry, no rush, just took my time and for the first time I measured and did some fitting as I sewed. I detest muslin, but I’m getting to the point where I know it’s the next step in my sewing journey 🙂 :(.

What’s On the Agenda?

My sister returned from her trip to Trinidad & Tobago a few weeks ago and  my mom sent me some really nice fabric (gorgeous fabrics to say the least). Simplicity has some fantastic designs they just posted online, they may work well with these fabric.

Shopping :-

Visited Joann’s two weeks ago and found three nice pieces. I got a red floral linen, a green jersey with metallic zebra stripes and a black stretch knit.  

Finished Projects:-

Simplicity 2337 view B.

Take Away:
The sewing agenda died with my last WOTST post :). I just might have one next time.

Happy Sewing and Thanks for


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