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What’s on My Table 01/05/2012

Cheers to the new year!

On The Table as We Speak:

I have three whimsical pieces
of fabric from fabric.com, some Burda magazines and a pattern drafting book.

What I learned this

Nothing, I learned nothing
this week :). The year just started and I’m trying to have a sewing agenda by
end of day Sunday 8th Jan 2012.

What’s On the Agenda?

Currently I’m working on some stash and go
bags. I wonder if anyone calls them that. Anyways they are just like pencil
cases but you can use them for anything, pencils, make-up, paint brushes, you
name it. Hmm what else? I want to make a few dresses and skirts in the next few

Shopping This Past Week:

None, I spend too much time buying fabric and patterns. However! I
will be purchasing some knit fabric for a new dress.

Finished Projects:

I have a completed bag and
will update this blog with the image on Friday 06th 2012.

Happy Sewing and Thanks for


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