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Anna Maria Horner Taxi Tote

Take a deep breath… wow I’ve finally used a pattern from
Anna’s book. I’ve only owned it for what 3 years. In all honesty I’ve failed
miserable in my futile attempt to review this book back in ‘09. 

I buckled down
last week and wowed myself by completing two bags for some very dear
ladies.  This was a simple pattern, which
can be played up or down (all to your preference).

Anna’s directions are easy to follow, not too complicated. I
love not to complicated, most of the time I skim through the direction. One of
my major bad habits, which has lead to hours of practice with the hem ripper :). 

What do you think of the fabric selections?

Anna Maria Horner's Taxi ToteThe
first tote fabric was bought from hobby lobby in Iowa back in August.  Anna Maria Horner's Taxi Tote  
Anna Maria Horner's Taxi Tote _Take 2
I purchased this fabric at Joann’s in Eau Claire last week.
Anna Maria Horner's Taxi Tote_Take2

After being bitten by the
sewing bug again, I’m off to the fabric store for new amazing material tomorrow. Hopefully I can find some great deals the day after Christmas. I’m hoping to complete three more of these before the weekend.

Happy Sewing and thanks for reading.


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