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Steptember The New Chapter

It’s been a while like always with my blogging. But I have to say that this time; I’m doing a lot behind the scenes. I’ve completed a fabulous dress, which will be reviewed in September and currently working on two wedding veils.
Yes! I did say wedding veils, but I’m already married. After closing my boutique earlier this year, I was approached to make these for a new shop in town. I’ve spent the last few months reading and learning about this work of art that catapults a woman into her new life.
As the title of the blog post stated, it’s all about the month of September. I’m contemplating renaming the blog (not in stone yet), and redesigning it once more. Since graduating in May, all I’ve wanted to do was nothing. I’m so happy to be free, that I want to take advantage of it. Life will kick in soon enough. I’m job hunting, which means my break could be over any minute.

FYI- During the month of August, my goal is to complete a minimum of 9 projects. My android keeps me on task, which is great for sewing. I’ll be posting soon. Also I’ve received some awesome goodies from my husband’s grandparents. It’s a sorta sad note, but his grandmother is moving into a home, we were asked to stop by and see if anything would work for us. Next post will be all about my trip to that house.

I know it’s really boring without pictures, I’ll have some for the next post.



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