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Designing your own Blog

I’ve seen so many awesome blogs out there, and wanted to get a custom look for my own. I’ve silently envied those that have such simple blog design that captures your heart. Are you in the market for a unique blog, trust me you can find great designs at an affordable price.

Today I decided to redesign my blog, not because I’m a graphic designer or anything (I would love to take a few adobe courses). Not because I have the latest editing tool, but because I’m gradually getting back in to blogging.

What I Have

Photoshop Elements 6

What I Did

First you have to find the correct dimension for your header, background & labels.


Width: 538px



Width: 850px



Width: 200px

Height: 41px


Resolution: 72

I searched for brushes online to use with photoshop elements 6. You can find any sort of brushes under the sun, Google brushes .psd.

A brush that I liked was used to create a relief print. The second row and column is set to 37 % opacity. That’s all I did, I’m a true first timer so I hope it’s appreciated.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting.


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