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The Yudu – Take 3

Okay this is the low down.
I have to say its a good thing patients is one of my best attribute otherwise that machine would be in the garbage.

Not because it’s a bad product, its a great product and I really like it. The problem is all the demonstration I’ve seen leaves out important little steps that would allow a perfect process. I hope to master this soon, so I can deliver an easy tutorial and possibly follow with a video.

With my first attempt, I admit that I did not watch/ read the instruction:(, so I wasted two good sheets of emulsion. On Saturday, I was more prepared. I watched a few videos and was rearing to go, very confident I must add. The first run was fine but the emulsion was not dried well or the screen was not wet well to begin with. It was patchy looking so I tore it off the screen. The demonstrator on the Yudu website was so casual, when she said “the way I like to do it, is wet a paper towel and wipe the screen down”. I followed her step exactly and I ended up with the incomplete emulsion sheet on my screen.

My second attempt on Saturday went a lot better. The screen was drowned in water and I was prepared to dry it for at least 3 cycle in the drying rack. This is a easy 60 minute session, each cycle in this machine is about 18-20 minutes. To my surprise when I flooded the screen with ink, nothing happen. I later realized that there was a protective sheet in between the two emulsion sheets in the packaging. I accidentally mistook this for the shiny side of the emulsion sheet and placed it face up with the protective sheet on top. Hence the reason the ink was not going all the way through.

I’m not giving up just yet, its frustrating but I believe it will be rewarding once I work the kinks out. Screen printing is new to me so, I’m thinking of this is as a good learning experience (so I won’t go crazy). The emulsion sheets aren’t cheap so I was really bombed about wasting them. I’ll try it again on Saturday 24th, hopefully I’ll have a better report to post.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.



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