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The Yudu – Take 2

 Here I go again on my own
 Going down the only road I’ve ever know!!!:)

Alright! I stated early this week that my first attempt almost became my with the Yudu Screen printing machine. But doesn’t everything deserve a second chance in life :). So I hit Joann’s this morning (not a robbery, had to take advantage of the Daffodil Dash promotion. Anyone who owns a Yudu knows the consumables can wreak havoc on your wallet.
Shopping List:                                         Promotion Pricing
Original Yudu Template     $14.99             $11.24
Emulsion Sheet (2pk)        $ 18.99            $14.24
Blank Transparencies        $   9.99            $  7.49
Total                                  $43.97             $32.97

Registration Panels            $7.99               $5.99

The registration panel was not on my list but I thought it would be useful, since I have zero experience with this.

Total damage was 38.96 because of the promotions. Always remember when shopping if you will be using an item within 3 -6 months pick it up or buy a few more.

Saturday is new day, I’m excited to try this again. Come back soon to read more on my Yudu adventure. Pictures will be added tomorrow.
Have a good one.


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