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School’s Out

Yes I’m alive!

It’s been about two months since I last blogged, and I’ve been up to not much. School pretty much burned a hole in my sewing and crafting. I’m still working on that coat for my husband, and he’s still patiently waiting. Last weekend, I attempted Burda Top 122 A, sorry too ashamed to publish:). I’ll try it again this time weekend. Also I used my yudu for the first time since purchasing it last April, this too went horrible, I’ll dedicate a post that deals exclusively with the yudu this weekend.

This sounds like a comedy of errors but I’m having problems with photobucket and the top image. This should be rectified by the end of the day. My hope is to complete all the projects that I’ve already begun before my last semester begins in May.

Blogging is addictive and I could get use to this:), Have a great day and happy sewing and blogging.


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