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Burda Mens Coat 8275 – Update 101

Finally I’ve started to work on the Burda Coat, which was cut in November 09′. I’m very excited with this as I’m really a beginner sewing and may be over my head with this one. However I do feel confident that it will be wearable and my husband won’t be embarrassed. Yeah.

I’ve been getting some help with my awesome help – Tailoring ( The Classic Guide to Sewing The Perfect Jacket). I’m a big fan of Amazon so I stock up on books a lot. It has been a great help so far. This might be a long project as I’m also trying to manage my school assignments, but I’m happy to have actually started. Hopefully this is a good sign for me, that I’ll be in my sewing room often.

Today I worked on shaping the under-collar, jacket front and back, it looks good. I’m supper scared poop-less about the welt pocket, (please don’t be a disaster). Pictures will be uploaded with my next post as I try to journal my progress.


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