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Do you have Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine model HE-240? Have you download images to embroidered? If yes please comment. I’ve received this question from an inquiring mind.

Mel this post is for you.
Here is the e-mail I received from Brother. I’ve yet to try it.

Thank you very much for your inquiry. Our Search Engine found the following Solution from our Solution Database that matches with your problem description. 
Description of Problem 100000014963
How do you transfer designs to the machine by using the USB connection?
Description of Solution 200000019317
Follow these steps to bring up designs from your computer.
1. Plug the USB cable connectors into the
corresponding USB port connectors for the computer and for the machine. 
When the machine is turned on the "Removable Disk" icon appears
 in "My Computer" on the computer.
2. Copy the design file from the location on your computer and paste it to
"Removable Disk".
3. Press the USB icon on the machine and the design should appear.
4. Select the the pattern you wish to retrieve. 
The selected pattern is shown in reverse highlighting.
5. Press the pocket icon to retrieve the saved design.
The embroidery screen appears, and you can embroider the retrieved pattern.
6. Adjust the pattern as desired, and then begin embroidering.

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