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2010 – Sewing Goals

As I look back on 2009, it may not be the best year of sewing or maintaining a blog about sewing. However I’ve some small achievements, a new sewing machine, a first serger, a personal sewing and crafting space, a big shot cutting table (made by my husband and legs from ikea) and an investment in sewing books and magazines to perfect my passion.

Entering 2010 will be tough as I have 5 classes this spring, so the goal is to complete my husbands coat and one garment for me. I’m giving myself till March because it gets extremely busy at my house.
I’ll be a punk and give each goal for 2010 a code because I’m just silly.

Hot Mama – Code {HM2010}

{HM2010-1}Little Black Dress

{HM2010-2}Basic Tee
{HM2010-3}One Fancy Blouse
{HM2010-4} Fun Spring Skirt and Must have Fall Skirt

Cool Kids – Code {CK2010}

{CK2010} One Outfit each for my 3 kids.

Dapper Dad – Code {DD2010}

{DD2010 -1}Complete Coat
{DD2010 -2} Polo (if I have time)


Print pictures of my pc and scrapbook them
Use my YUDU machine at least once
Make cards with free time

This was said last semester but I’m really going to create an equilibrium between school work and my sewing room. All my classes are online so I have to be on the pc, hopefully I can toggle back and fort without sucking the air out and persuade myself in to sewing as I’m obligated to bring you all the best. Yes its true I am trying to bribe myself  and put the heat on with guilt to sew more and more. Hey I’ll even throw in a wild card and say I’ll enter a Patter Review contest in 2010.

Wish me luck and I’ll try to bring your the best from my yellow sewing pad.


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