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School’s a bugger but life still rocks

Dropping in to say Hello.

I’ve had little or no time to sew, much less blog. My classes are eating all my time, I’m working my way back to the sewing room. In two weeks it will be mid-term and 6 more weeks till finals. I’ll have almost 5 weeks off for Christmas, then Spring semester starts. At present I’m completing my statistic assignments and working on my Leadership and Ethics class. My Core II course (Human Nature) is wearing me down, I’m not that interested in it, but I’ll do the best I can because I want to pass it. I’m digging the Finance course, it is quit relevant for the time.

I’m still working on my husband’s coat, slowly but surly. It will be awesome, I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to take pictures as I go. Hopefully in the future. Also I have a few pieces that are cut for my kids. I hope to make something for myself this season.

Gotta go gang, time waits for no man (in my case woman.)


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