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Cole a film by Carl Bessai

Ok public, I know that I should be studying but I’ve always been a fan of

Kandyse Mcclure. Anyways I just happen to visit her website and bam, my heart is locked on to this movie I can hardly wait to see this.

It really has my attention, and yes *smiles*, I do still have to complete my Probability and Statistic project as well as my Core II paper. However I just had to rant about this, from what I can see it’s going to be a touching movie. I have to e-mail Carl Bessai and let him know that I’ll be telling my friends and family about this.

It’s a movie for “Today”, I mean I could be this movie. My life share some truth of what “Cole” has to say. Hmm! I wonder how long it will take to reach the US, my Family Video or Charter???

Great Job Carl and Cast.

Hit Play and Enjoy.


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