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Labor Day – What’s going on today.

Happy Labor Day all.

In our house we are doing some much needed tiding up. Yesterday we visited Ikea and I picked up some legs for the new cutting table my husband is putting together for me.

How excited I am about this new table. Yes! I know that I’ve only been rambling and reviewing books, magazines and not much sewing. Soon I say, school will be starting tomorrow for me, my hope is to find a decent balance between family, school and sewing in the months ahead.

With all the fabric, books and sewing magazines along with influences such as Erica B DIY Style , Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing, Stacy Sews, The Last Stitch and a host of others. My passion for sewing should surpass my need for sleep. I’ve found these blogs to be encouraging and they are the reason I got back into sewing


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