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Ironing things Out

Well over the weekend I pick up the latest Threads Magazine. I assume that ironing is one of the things you should know about if you call yourself a seamstress, sewest, fashionista or what have you. Anyway I was way off on the importance of ironing.

The article is found on Pg 70 and written by Cecelia Podolak.
The images below may not be quite readable but I’ll summarize a bit for you.

Basically it says that having the right tools makes all the difference to a completed sewing project and can be applied to any ironing one does.

Photobucket1. Get a good heavy iron that switch easily from dry to steam.
2. Iron Shoe (never knew what this was). It helps to prevent shine on dark colors.
3. Ironing Board Cover and Pad. Clean and well padded
4. Wooden Point Presser is used for pointed pieces (collar, cuffs).
5. Wooden Clapper pulls steam and heat from fabric. New info to me.
6. Steam Stick curves under the seam edges to prevent ridges on the right side of fabrics.
7. See-Through Press Cloth, works well with lightweight fabrics and allows you to see the fabric while still protecting it.
8. Ham and Seam Roll helps to press curved seams while the seam roll fits inside most sleeves for easy pressing.

Now I have to make a new shopping list for all the above items with the exception of the iron.

Master the basic pressing steps
Photobucket1. Set the stitch
2. Under-Press
3. Top Press

Press during construction

Photobucket1. Stitched details
2. Enclosed seams
3. Hems
4. Curved seams
5. Pockets
6. Sleeve/armhole seam and plackets

Iron a finished garment

Photobucket1. Iron the small details first
2. Iron the sleeves
3. Iron the yoke
4. Iron the front sections last

After reading this article I’ve vowed to add this regiment to all my sewing and ironing in the future.


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  1. September 7, 2009 / 2:01 pm

    Hi Renata!

    I feel so silly. I completely lost your address to send your Pink Journey cartridge, too. Do you mind sending it to me again at mypinkstamper@gmail.com?

    Thanks so much!!

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