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Finding Balance

How do you sewist find a happy balance between sewing and everyday life?This is a very important question to me right now. As you all know I’m currently a senior in college and the semester just started. I’m taking 12 credits and I’m so addicted to reading sewing blogs and sewing that it has become hard to focus on school. Yes I’m in a sad state. How do I go about evening things out???

I thought about adding sewing sort of like a class taken, where I would set assignments and reading to complete by mid-week. Then I thought about completeing all school work by Friday; thus leaving me free on Friday evening through Sunday.

When do you sew?

My Day

I try to start early by waking between 5am and 6am
(I can’t do the 4am Tae bo like before)
Complete breakfast between 7am and 8am
Do reading and pre-k activities with the kids between 9am and 10am
Maintain the kids and my sanity till lunch
Read textbook while kids nap 1pm and 3pm
Start thinking about making supper 4pm
And a bunch of housekeeping throughout the day
Jog 3- 5miles between 6:15pm and 7:30pm
Kids bed time between 8pm and 9pm
Sit down to work on assignment around 9pm

Where does this leave sewing??? Can anyone help?


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