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Hot Patterns “We’re Back”

Just got an e-mail from hotpatterns, saying that their website is all dolled up and ripe for the peeking. If you like the pattern they offer you will love their videos.
Visit here for the video gallery

Here is the entire e-mail

We’re back!

Thanks for your patience.

The website has been tweaked, re-jigged and generally fiddled around with, and we’re now

back in full swing, ready to rock!

You can now see all our nifty little video clips in one place

(click here to check that one out), plus we’ve added a fabric resources page here, with more suppliers to be added soon.

For our HotPatternistas outside the USA, we’ve added a currency converter, plus a language translation tool at the bottom of every page, so now the whole world gets to share in the HotPatterns love!

There’s quick links too, to our Facebook, Twitter and Blog sites.

And don’t forget to add your pictures of all your gorgeous HotPatterns garments here, we love to see what you’ve done.

We hope our changes to the website will make your browsing and shopping a lot easier…and a whole lot more enjoyable!

Once again, thanks for your patience.

Peace, love and happy sewing from HotPatterns XXX


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