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First Sewing Project

So it’s been about 5 months since I started to receive Burda and OTTOBRE Magazines. I’ve made two project from the OTTOBRE, but that was for my lucky kids. Tonight however I’ve drafted and cut out Trouser 118 from 04/2009 and I’ll be sewing it tomorrow.

I’m very excited as it’s been 7 years since I sewed anything for myself. I’m by no means a pro at sewing but I really want these to turn out well. I might be pretty disapointed if it don’t fit right.

This may sound bad but I’m not sure of the fabric name. My mom sent me those fabric from Trinidad.


Here is an image of what the Burda sheet looks like before you start tracing.


It was very intimidating.

A nice trace of Burda (118) 04/2009. I must add that I almost forgot to trace the bottom of the pants. It’s a good thing I was reading the instructions over and over again.


Hopefully mine turns out something like this. These are so darn nice, can’t wait to be done with it.



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