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24 New Reasons to Love Sewing

I’m excited public! I just received my first book about sewing. The is book by Anna Maria Horner a fabric designer. Since deciding to revisit my love for sewing, learning all I can about the industry is important.

Seams to Me

I started to sew at age 12 and dropped it after starting a family 5 years ago. I would consider my sewing skills novice/intermediate. Although I’m quite busy being a SAHM, taking care of 6 month old twins part-time, being a full-time marketing student (one year to go Woot Woot), and future boutique owner, I want to make time for this.

Ok back to the book. Its safe to say that I’ve not read the book yet. I’ve browsed through it lightly, it has lots of information for beginner sewers. This is very helpful to me, because I’m serious now about my new hobby. The photos are great but I’ll let you know how easy the instructions where to follow. The book comes with 10 patters, still need to look at these.

Here is the pattern list

1. Pin Cushion Caddy

2. I’ll Have One of Everything Bag

3. Taxi Tote

Taxi Tote Taxi Tote

4. Smashing Smock

5. Full Contact Apron

Cup 1/2 Full Apron

6. Full Contact Cooking Apron

7. Cup Half Full Apron A.

8. Cup Half Full Apron B.

9. Just for Kicks Patchwork Ball

10. Prairie Blouse

I’ll keep you posted on my reading of this book and review. Also I’ll post details of all my projects and sewing adventures. Here are a few more images from the book

Wall Pocket
Bo Peep Skirt


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